When and How to Tell Your Partner About Your Hirsutism
"When and How to Tell Your Partner about Your Hirsutism"… I’ve been contemplating whether or not to write this article[...]
The Best Essential Oils for Hirsutism
What is Hirsutism? Hirsutism, or the presence of excess hair growth, is a highly treatable condition that is most commonly[...]
Hirsutism and Anxiety – How You Can Manage It
Know that feeling when you’re really antsy, but not sure why? I sure do. Unfortunately, anxiety is no stranger to[...]
8 Personal Stories from Women Living with Hirsutism
What It's Like to Be a Hairy Woman In this interview, 32-year-old Renae shares her hirsutism story. She talks about[...]
The Best Support Groups and Online Communities for Women with Hirsutism
Are you looking for an online support group, forum or Hirsutism blogs? Look no further! I have collected a few[...]
Does Green Tea Help with Hirsutism Symptoms?
If you are dealing with excess body hair on your face, back, or abdomen, you may have a medical condition[...]
3 Common Mistakes Women with Hirsutism Make
I was in my teens when I first started to struggle with excess hair on my chin and thighs. I[...]
How Can I Help a Friend Suffering From Hirsutism?
If a friend or a loved one tells you about their problems with excess body hair, which is also called[...]
Does Yoga Help With Hirsutism?
Hirsutism describes the presence of a male-pattern hair growth, meaning that there is thicker, darker hair growing in areas where[...]
Dating with Hirsutism: This Is What It’s Like
I know it's just hair, but even after 30 years on the planet and all the self-love Instagram accounts in[...]
The Ultimate Guide To Shaving Your Face As A Woman
Shaving your face as a woman is no longer the taboo topic it once was. What is a daily ritual[...]
Hirsutism and Ayurveda
Ayurveda, which means “the science of life” in Sanskrit, originated in India more than 5000 years ago. Ayurveda uses many[...]
The 12 Best Natural Supplements for Hirsutism
Hirsutism is a condition that is characterized by the presence of male-pattern hair growth in women and can range in[...]
30 Useful Facts about Hirsutism
When trying to learn more about hirsutism, its causes, treatment and natural remedies, many get overwhelmed by the huge amount[...]
10 Things Women with Hirsutism Want You to Know
1. No one knows about the condition. Although it affects 5-10% of women, hardly anyone knows or talks about it.[...]

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