The Best Support Groups and Online Communities for Women with Hirsutism

Hirsutism Support Forum Quora

Are you looking for an online support group, forum or Hirsutism blogs? Look no further! I have collected a few of my favorited below.

Online Support Groups

Hirsutism Support Group (Facebook)

Hirsutism and PCOS: Help, Encouragement and Info (Facebook)

Bearded Lady Syndrome and Hirsutism (Facebook)

Hirsutism France – French (Facebook)

Hirsutismus Hilfegruppe – German (Facebook)

r/Hirsutism (Reddit) – Great Q&A Community

myPCOSteam – This is a social network for women with PCOS. It’s not very active, but I wanted to add it here, as I thought the idea was interesting.


Soulcysters – This PCOS forum is probably my favorite. Very active and lots of good information.

PCOS Challenge – This forum has been around for a long time and it can feel a little dated at times. It’s not so active, but some of the older threads are really helpful.

Hairtell – This forum has some great discussion around permanent hair removal.

Quora – More general, but some threads on hirsutism are quite interesting. It can be a little spammy unfortunately.


All Kinds of Fur

The Pink Razor Project

Hirsutism Support

Bearded Woman

Unfortunately from what I can tell none of these hirsutism blogs are updated anymore. (Since many women with PCOS write about their struggles with hirsutism on their blogs, I plan to add links to those posts in the future.)

If you know of any other hirsutism support communities or blogs, that should be on this list, please let me know in the comments!

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