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How Accurate is Saliva Hormone Testing? (Saliva Hormone Testing Accuracy)

Saliva hormone testing is an excellent method for measuring steroid and sex hormone levels in men and women. While the reliability of saliva testing, in general, has been questioned in the past, current research studies suggest that saliva tests for sex hormones and cortisol are highly reliable, particularly in determining the levels of DHEA (male […]

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The Best Support Groups and Online Communities for Women with Hirsutism

Are you looking for an online support group, forum or Hirsutism blogs? Look no further! I have collected a few of my favorited below. Online Support Groups Hirsutism Support Group (Facebook) Hirsutism and PCOS: Help, Encouragement and Info (Facebook) Bearded Lady Syndrome and Hirsutism (Facebook) Hirsutism France – French (Facebook) Hirsutismus Hilfegruppe – German (Facebook) r/Hirsutism (Reddit) […]

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