Hirsutism or Just Hairy? (Hirsutism Quiz)

If you’re like me, you probably spent quite some time in your younger years thinking that you were just unfortunate and that all that excess hair was just something you had to deal with. It took more than 10 years of struggle until I finally found out that what I had was hirsutism, a medical condition that I share with many other women.

Most clinics use a Hirsutism Score (Ferriman-Gallwey Score) for a first assessment of whether you are just a little more hairy than others or whether further tests should be done to check your hormones etc. If you want to know, what your Hirsutism Score is, take our Hirsutism Test below and find out!

IMPORTANT: This hirsutism test is meant to help you get a first idea of whether or not you might have hirsutism, it is for informational purposes only. A Hirsutism Quiz does not replace a doctor’s visit and thorough assessment by a medical professional.

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