Is There A Pill That Stops Body Hair Growth?

Hirsutism is a hormonal condition that can cause the body to grow an excessive amount of hair in a male growth pattern. The hair is darker and coarser than normal body hair, and appears on the face, back and chest. It can be very embarrassing and frustrating, which leaves many women wishing that there was a simple treatment option, like a pill that stops body hair growth.

While there isn’t a ‘miracle pill’, there are several possible treatment options to reduce the hair growth, and prevent excessive future growth.

What Causes Hirsutism?

Hirsutism is often caused by unbalanced hormone levels. There may be an underlying cause for this, such as PCOS, or CAH. There may be also be some genetic factors at play. There is no definitive test for hirsutism or PCOS, however, there may be other symptoms to examine as well as excessive body hair growth.

Some women notice that their voices deepen, they may have acne, an enlarged clitoris, or an irregular or absent menstrual cycle.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of excess body hair growth, make sure to talk to your doctor about it. While it may be embarrassing at first, your doctor can identify the underlying cause, and talk to you about possible treatment options for it.

Treatment Options

There are a number of treatment options available. You would need to talk to your physician about which treatment would be most suitable for you.

1. Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are one of the most common treatment for hirsutism. Birth control medications are used to prevent pregnancy, but they’re also known to help regulate the menstrual cycle, and lower androgen levels within the body. They can bring the hormone levels back into balance, which can reduce the symptoms of hirsutism. It may take between 6-12 months before you would notice any improvement.

2. Androgen Suppressing Medications

There are a few medications that can suppress androgens, which are also often called anti-androgens. They often need to be used in conjunction with birth control pills, as some medications can cause birth defects.

Make sure to closely follow the instructions of your doctor and healthcare team if you are taking any medications.


If you learn more and see what your options are, talk to your doctor. They can help you decide which treatment plan is best for your particular case. They may also suggest hormone tests or other tests to understand if there are any underlying conditions that cause your excess hair growth.

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