Electrolysis: How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Do you have unwanted body hair? If the answer is yes, then you have probably already tried most products on the market for this problem. Hair removal products can be expensive, full of harsh chemicals, and often make exaggerated claims about how good they really do work. For women and men alike who have hair that they just don’t want anymore, hair removal products are often a waste of money. Over a lifetime, you may end up spending thousands of dollars on the same product that you have to continually use every week or so to remove the hair that you dislike so much.

What if we told you that there was an easier way? A way that often ended up being cheaper in the long run than hair removal products? Well, keep reading to learn more about  electrolysis.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a form of hair removal that is permanent. It is a method that is removes individual hairs from any place on your body. The medical device that is used typically has a fine needle on its tip that emits heated electric currents to remove hair from each hair follicle. The electric current destroys the hair follicle, which causes it to not be able to grow anymore hair for the rest of your life. Electrolysis is FDA approved and is the only FDA approved permanent hair removal treatment on the market today. Laser hair removal is another form of hair removal that is FDA approved, however it isn’t always permanent and doesn’t always remove all of your unwanted hair.

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal product on the market right now that is guaranteed to remove all of your unwanted hair. It can be performed by a licensed electrologist and involves a small, fine tipped sterile needle being inserted into each of your hair follicles. The needle then emits a heated electric current to essentially kill the follicle. Since electrolysis only works on one hair follicle at a time, it is perfect for small areas of your body where you have unwanted hair, such as your eyebrows, upper lip, or chin. It can be performed anywhere, but it is a tedious process, and a somewhat painful process, so it really is a personal choice if you want electrolysis all over your body.

How Long Does Electrolysis Take?

The number of electrolysis sessions that you may need will be dependent on your hair patterns, the coarseness of your hair, and how fast your hair grows. Most people who undergo electrolysis end up going to 15-30 sessions total before they have permanent results. Each treatment session may last 15 minutes to an hour and are typically completed once a week to once every other week, depending on how fast your hair grows. You may notice results after your first session, but your hair may just be thinning in that area and not completely removed yet. However, after a few sessions you will definitely be seeing visible results.

It may take longer for you to see visible results if your hair grows really fast or if you have really coarse, dark hair. If your hair grows fast, then it may take longer for you to see results and you may have to go to electrolysis sessions every week instead of every other week.

How Long Until I See Results?

Most people see results after their very first electrolysis session. However, the results that they see may not be complete hair loss. After your first session, you will probably have reddening of your skin in the area of the treatment and may notice that your hair has thinned. It may not grow back as thick and may be a lot sparser. However, it will probably not be completely gone. Depending on the area of treatment and how much hair you had in that area, you may need multiple more treatments. Most people start seeing results that they want within 3-5 treatments. The remaining treatments are continued to ensure that each hair follicle has been removed and damaged. After 15-30 treatments, you will notice complete hair loss and should not be able to grow hair back in that area. If you do have recurrent hair growth, then you will need extra treatments. Recurrent hair growth may occur within weeks of your very last treatment. If you notice this, and the hair is thicker than you would like, or a nuisance, then call the office and make another appointment. One or two extra appointments may be necessary for people with thicker, darker hair.

Electrolysis Take Away

Electrolysis is a wonderful option for permanent hair loss. If you have unwanted hair somewhere on your body that is in a small area, then it is a great option. Due to the price of electrolysis and the discomfort that it may cause, you may not want to start your electrolysis sessions with a large area such as your legs. If you start with larger areas of your body, then you may not want to finish the entire process, and be left with thinner hair on your body, and not permanent hair loss. Instead, start with smaller areas such as your eyebrows, upper lip, or chin. Starting with a smaller area of your body will allow you to get used to the electrolysis machine and the process. Then, if you can handle the discomfort and the price, you can decide if you want to do larger parts of your body. If you decide that electrolysis is not the choice for you for larger parts of your body, then options like laser hair removal or waxing may be the best option for you.  You could also try epilators, bleaching, and sugar waxing for hair removal that is a little cheaper and less invasive.

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Angela Waterford - August 28, 2019

As you’ve mentioned, I have a lot of unwanted body hair on my legs. I think I’ll get an electrolysis procedure done so that I won’t have to shave my legs anymore. It’s a good thing that it’s permanent since shaving and waxing sessions are usually very expensive for me.


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