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Can Hirsutism Be Blonde?

Many woman who struggle with excess fine, blonde hair in their face or on their bodies (excess peach-fuzz) wonder if they have hirsutism as well. After all, hirsutism describes a condition of excess hair growth, so it must be that, right?! So in order to answer the question “Can hirsutism be blonde?” once and for all, […]

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How To Lower Androgen Levels in Females Naturally

Androgens are commonly known as “male sex hormones”, although this is not totally true because they are produced both in men and women. However, women usually have lower levels of androgens than men. In some cases, there is a hormonal imbalance and the androgen levels in women can raise, leading to effects such as growing […]

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How Is Hirsutism Diagnosed?

Hirsutism is the presence of male pattern hair growth in a woman, meaning that there is darker, coarser hair in areas where men typically have it, such as the chin, chest, arms and legs, back and buttocks. In many women, increased body hair is an unwanted feature. Hirsutism can appear due to it being a […]

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