Tweezing Upper Lip, Chin and Facial Hair: The Pros and Cons

Us ladies really understand the pain of tweezing facial hair. Beauty does not come without pain, right? Laser hair removal and electrolysis can cost a pretty penny, and some of us could put that money to better use. From the thin brows that were “in” in the ’90s to the thick bushy voluminous ones we prefer now, tweezing is an inexpensive and convenient way to shape your brows. Whether you are a seasoned tweezer or just getting started, I’m sure you would like to know the pros and cons of facial hair tweezing. Whether you are plucking some strays from your eyebrow or even your top lip, I’m sure you have noticed hair regrowth in certain areas. Today, we are going to look at the pros and cons of tweezing your facial hair.

What is Tweezing/Plucking?

Tweezing or plucking is a personal grooming method to keep unwanted hairs at bay. While it can technically be done on any part of your body, most people keep it at the facial area.

Women or men use tweezers, a small usually metal tool to grasp and pull out the stray hairs. Instead of hair removal, tweezing and plucking facial hair is done more for maintenance reasons, but not without pros and cons.

Basic Info about Tweezing

Tweezing is the most inexpensive and convenient way for hair maintenance. The only thing it would cost you is the price of the tweezers, which could range from anywhere between $2 to $40. R.E.M’s Spring Facial Hair Remover below is affordable and a go-to for many women, who are looking to step up their “tweezing game”.

The biggest concern is how long it takes for the hair to regrow. For some people the hair comes back within a few days, but this refers to stray hair. For the entire brow to grow back to its previous state, it would take more than 6 weeks. If you wonder how often you have to pluck a hair before it stops growing, check out our article on the subject, where we’ve attempted to answer this common question in-depth.

Does it hurt? This is a big question for some as well. There are nifty little tricks to save you from some of the pain, like an ice cube or aloe vera, but the pain is inevitable since you are pulling the hair from the root. If you are a veteran at tweezing facial hair, you would know it does hurt less over the years or at least becomes more bearable.

Pros of Tweezing Chin, Facial and Chin Hair

Finally, we get into the pros of tweezing facial hair. It can be a tedious task, but it works for a lot of people. If you don’t mind self-maintenance grooming, tweezing your facial hair could have more pros than cons.


Like mentioned above, a pair of tweezers can range from $2-$40 dollars and last for a while. I’ve had tweezers that have lasted for over two years! This surely saves you a few bucks.

Long Lasting

Maybe I should clarify by saying it’s somewhat long lasting and it depends largely on how fast your hair grows. Over the years, tweezing can cause damage to hair follicles, which means some hair might not grow back or will grow back finer.


Tweezing facial hair can be done in the comfort of your own home at any time. If you notice a stray hair, immediate action can be taken. If you are lucky enough to not have much hair, tweezing is the easiest and most effective way for you.


Control, or accuracy, is best gained through tweezing. It’s tough, if not impossible to wax your eyebrows without taking off an entire patch. Tweezers allow for accuracy and control, targeting the right area for you to achieve the shape you want.


We all know that time is money. Would you want to wait in line or make an appointment for a week later when your brows need help now? Not many of us would say “yes”. Being able to do it from home, and only taking a few short minutes to maybe 20 minutes out of your day in exchange for beautiful eyebrows doesn’t sound so bad.

Cons of Tweezing Chin, Facial and Upper Lip Hair

Do the pros outweigh the cons of facial hair tweezing? Read on to find out!


Yes, time can be considered a con as well. If you don’t want to spend time each day or week grooming your brows, then the time could be put to better use. Although for facial hair, most women do not have enough to keep them busy for more than an hour.


It can hurt! But honestly, anything you try that isn’t shaving will induce some pain.


Tweezing if done incorrectly or in a hurry increases the risk of nicking yourself or accidentally pulling your skin instead of the pesky hair.

Another annoying thing is the symmetry. It is more difficult to achieve perfect symmetry by eyeballing and you could end up tweezing more than you set out to.

Wasted Money

By this, we mean wasted money on the tweezers. You need to invest in a higher quality pair for it to last. Cheap tweezers could be dull and useless.


It takes years to damage the hair follicle, if at all. Regrowth from facial hair tweezing happens quite quickly. The hair will most likely return within a week.


  • Tweezing after a hot shower can make it less painful. The hot temperature will open your pores and hair follicles, making it easier to grab the hair at its base.
  • Some suggest icing the skin while tweezing to numb the nerves. It works for some but is less effective for others. After the tweezing session, use aloe vera gel on the irritated areas for quick relief.


After some getting used to, facial hair tweezing will become part of your daily skin care or after shower routine. You probably won’t even notice the time it takes anymore. It’s a fast and effective way to directly target unwanted hairs without burning a hole in your wallet. Another useful tip is to go to a salon to get your brows shaped. After the first session, it makes it easier for newbies to follow the shape. If you have some spare time and a bit of patience, tweezing is a good call as the pros outweigh the cons.

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