Does Maca Help with Hirsutism Symptoms?

maca supplements hirsutism

Hirsutism, the presence of male-pattern hair growth, is often a very difficult issue to deal with, and regardless of how severe a case of the condition you have, having excessive hair growth on any part of your body can be incredibly hard to deal with, on both an emotional and a physical level. 

What Are the Different Treatments for Hirsutism?

Thankfully, there are treatment options available for Hirsutism which are effective at reducing and removing unwanted hair from all parts of the body. The options will largely depending on the underlying cause of the hair growth and your doctor’s treatment plan.

In this article, we are focussing on one of the supplements that is often mentioned for Hirsutism, Maca, and explore if it can help with some of the more common Hirsutism symptoms.

Maca and Hirsutism 

When looking for natural ways to treat the symptom of Hirsutism, there are a number of supplements that are often mentioned. Maca is one of the most often mentioned natural remedies for the symptoms and signs of Hirsutism. But does it work?

What is Maca?

The Maca plant, sometimes also called peruvian ginseng, is a plant native in Peru. The Maca root is used as a supplement, often in a dried powder form or as capsules.

Does Maca work in Hirsutism?

Maca has been used in traditional medicine to enhance the sex drive and increase male fertility. Other than a few anecdotal stories, those effects, however, are not backed by any medical research at this point in time. There is a lot more scientific evidence and medical studies needed to confirm if there is any effect of the Maca Root on Hirsutism.

What Are Treatment Options for Hirsutism?

On a broader spectrum, some of the treatments for Hirsutism include:

  • Self-Care options, such as waxing, shaving, depilatory creams are effective as short-term options; they are also relatively inexpensive. 
  • Physical options, such as Laser, IPL, and electrolysis are considered to be highly-effective as treatment options for Hirsutism. Because these treatments need to be carried out by qualified medical professionals over the course of sessions, they tend to cost more and are often accompanied by a little discomfort and some unwanted side-effects. However, they tend to last very long.
  • Medical options will usually include taking medications such as the birth control pill or anti-androgens in order to treat the root cause of the problem. They are not suitable for all cases of Hirsutism, as the root cause behind has to be identified first and can only be treated after, and they need to be prescribed by a medical doctor.

Finding the right treatment for your Hirsutism is an individual journey. We we hope this post has been useful for you and has given you information to consider as you decide which treatment for Hirsutism is right for you.

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Deborah C - August 1, 2019

I bought a multi-supplement called “Steel-Libido” for women and began to notice a distinct lessening of my facial hair growth, so I carefully researched each of the ingredients listed and learned that Maca, among many other benefits, helps regulate hormones. So now I’m adding a red Maca raw powder capsule to my regimen in hopes that I’ll get an even better result! I’m finding, too, that the Maca seems to lower my hunger cravings so hopefully it will help me lose a few pounds as well.


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