Celebrities with Hirsutism and PCOS

Many women lose hope after being diagnosed with Hirsutism or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). These medical conditions do come with their challenges, but you shouldn’t let them get you down. In fact, you should make lifestyle changes and regain your confidence. After your diagnosis, you may feel like you are all alone. This is not true. There are many other women out there who not only fought these conditions, but won. Let’s look at a few celebrities with Hirsutism and PCOS, who fought their conditions, and won.

Jillian Michaels

Today we all know Jillian Michaels as a famous television personality and personal trainer. She has a lean body. Just by looking at her, you cannot tell that she is suffering from PCOS. She was quite young when her parents got divorced. Due to the stress, Jillian began gaining weight. By the time she was 12, she had already gained 175 pounds.

She was often bullied and teased for her weight and lost confidence in herself. Her mother compelled Jillian to attend martial arts classes when she was 14. This is when Jillian began regaining the confidence she had lost. To this day, she talks about how martial arts taught her to redefine and respect herself.

By the time she turned 17, she was already spending hours at the gym. Initially, exercise was just a way for Jillian to escape her struggles. But it soon became an integral part of her routine and her life. Since she struggled so much, she wanted to help others who were going through the same. This motivated her to become a fitness trainer.

Of course, pregnancy was a challenge for her since she has PCOS. But Jillian has always been outspoken about this and since she couldn’t give birth, she adopted a girl from Haiti.

Victoria Beckham

If you think you cannot get pregnant after receiving your PCOS diagnosis, think again. Victoria Beckham is a fashion designer, businesswomen, a former Spice Girl, and David Beckham’s wife. Not only did she fight PCOS and gave birth to her fourth child, but her struggle is an inspiration.

When she and David decided to try for a daughter, she was already 30. Victoria sought advice from a doctor. According to the doctor, conceiving for the fourth time was unlikely for her due to her PCOS.

Since Victoria was lean, she gained weight and that contributed to her PCOS and irregular cycles. At first, her diet comprised of fresh fruits, vegetables to maintain her physique. But she added foods that were dense in nutrients and carbohydrates. She altered her diet and gained weight. In 2011, despite her PCOS symptoms, she gave birth to her fourth child, Harper Steven Beckham.

Victoria proved that celebrities with hirsutism and PCOS face the same struggles as everyone else. But with the right motivation and direction, you can overcome your health challenges and complications.

Harnaam Kaur

The British model and motivational speaker is probably one of the most inspiring celebrities with hirsutism and PCOS. Harnaam Kaur was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 12. This resulted in thick hair on her body and face because of the high testosterone in her body.

She was bullied as a teenager and her parents used to remove the facial hair. The bullying and teasing took a toll on her and she suffered from depression. But she pulled herself out of it and when she was 16, she decided to adapt the Sikh tradition. From that point onwards, she decided not to remove her beard and to embrace her appearance.

She started public appearance in 2014 and is now an anti-bullying and body positive activist. Kaur’s journey was not an easy one. But Harnaam’s zeal and confidence can prove a source of inspiration if you are dealing with PCOS and hirsutism.

Emma Thompson

A spectacular actress, a phenomenal author and a comedienne, Oscar-Winner Dame Emma Thompson had a tough journey towards motherhood. Since she was diagnosed with PCOS, she had two miscarriages. This led to depression.

With the support of her husband Greg, Emma kept pushing. The couple finally decided to try a procedure known as IVF or in-vitro fertility. Emma was almost 40 years old when she gave birth to Gaia.

After the birth of Gaia, Emma built up hope to attempt for a second child. However, the IVF procedure did not prove successful the second time. Emma fell into depression once again but wanted to have another child. A few years later, she adopted Tindy at a Refugee Council party.

Emma has always been vocal about her condition. Her life simply teaches us that nothing should hold you back. Regardless of your condition, you should keep pushing on.

Sasha Pieterse

In 2017, Sasha Pieterse received backlash for her weight gain. She gained weight due to PCOS when she made her appearance on “Dancing with the Stars”. Due to her weight, the media began hurling abusive comments about her body. This is when she came forth about her ongoing struggle with PCOS.

At the outset, the doctors could not determine why she was gaining weight. She tried everything but Sasha just couldn’t shake it off. The South African born singer and songwriter became depressed and lost confidence.

Finally, doctors were able to diagnose her condition and Sasha overhauled her lifestyle. Now she follows a healthy diet and adheres to a strict exercise regimen. Not only did she regain her depression, she now looks better than ever.

You got this!

Conditions like PCOS and Hirsutism can make everyday life a struggle for you. Unfortunately, many women give up hope and become a victim to depression, and that’s the last thing you should do. But celebrities with hirsutism and PCOS teach us one thing and that is to never give up.

The only way you will be able to overcome your struggles is if you continue to fight. If celebrities can thrive despite their condition, so can you!

Cover Image by Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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