Do White Peony and Licorice Help with Hirsutism Symptoms?

white peony supplements hirsutism

What is Hirsutism?

If you have a problem with excess hair growth on your face, neck, chest or back; you might have heard about this condition online or from your Doctor. Hirsutism is a medical condition that can cause a person to grow coarse hair in places of their body where it is usually hair-free or sparse. 

While there are many elements that can cause this condition, there are also many ways to get treatment for Hirsutism as well. In this post, we will talk specifically about the some of the natural remedies and supplements that people from around the world are using to help them treat the signs and symptoms of Hirsutism, with measured and demonstrable success. 

Why Are White Peony and Licorice Supplements Used for Treating Hirsutism?

There have been lots of articles published on the subject of using licorice supplements for the treatments of PCOS. It is stated that over 50% of people who suffer from Hirsutism will also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. As this issue is triggered by a person’s hormones, and it is particularly difficult to live with, it’s no wonder that so many people go online to find alternative solutions to help them treat the issue. 

There is plenty of scientific data to substantiate the claims that licorice can help with treating the symptoms of PCOS and with that, the effects of Hirsutism as well. Licorice was found to help reduce the growth of androgens in a person, which is again, a primary cause of Hirsutism. It works to reduce the levels of testosterone in a person’s system due to these anti-androgen properties. Licorice also works to boost the healthy functioning of the endocrine system, and this can help a person to restore and maintain a healthy hormone balance. 

White Peony is also a prime remedy for the treatment of conditions where there is an excess of androgens in the body. It is a traditional Chinese herbal remedy and a reputable consideration when people are looking at ways to treat PCOS. 

White Peony and Licorice are frequently used together as they work in harmony to reduce testosterone with their combined anti-androgen effects by preventing the conversion of androstenedione to testosterone. Because there is less testosterone in the system, this results in lower stimulation levels of the hair follicles, the result of which is a reduced level of hair growth. They also work to regulate the levels of estrogen and prolactin in a person’s system and Taking the two together delivers the maximum benefits from each individual ingredient. 

How Do You Take White Peony and Licorice for Hirsutism?

There are many different forms of White Peony and Licorice, and it is usually down to a person’s own preference as to how they take it.

Some of the available forms include:

While some people enjoy the taste of licorice, there are many who do not. If you do not like how it tastes, this will probably mean you are best to take the capsules.

What Are the Best Natural Remedies for Hirsutism?

White Peony and Licorice are an excellent natural remedy for treating some of the symptoms of Hirsutism. They are just one in a long list of herbal remedies that have been proven as effective in helping to reduce hair growth and also balancing out the levels of hormones in a person’s system. 

Some of the other natural treatments for Hirsutism are listed below. If you would like to learn more about any of the natural treatments for excessive hair growth, you can simply link back to our blog, where we have published a range of comprehensive articles on each of the specific supplements.

There are also several studies which are relatively new and look specifically at the regular application of tea tree and lavender oils topically on the skin as a way to lessen milder forms of idiopathic Hirsutism. 

What Other Treatment Options Are There for Hirsutism?

If you are reading this post, the chances are that you may also want to know about some of the other treatments you can get for Hirsutism. Perhaps you have already considered what these are and are now looking to explore the best option for your individual needs. 

Physical Treatments for the Symptoms of Hirsutism 

IPL, Laser Therapy, and Electrolysis are all suitable treatments for the removal of unwanted hair. While these treatment options are not the cheapest, they provide long-term results for the removal of hair on a permanent basis. Each of these options seeks to destroy the root of the hair, resulting in lighter regrowth or no regrowth at all. Any of these popular physical treatments for Hirsutism needs to be carried out by a qualified professional under supervision. There is also a need for a course of these treatments to be carried out over regular periods in order to achieve the desired effect. 

Short-Term Treatments for the Symptoms of Hirsutism

For some people, shorter-term solutions are more convenient for their circumstances. These options include waxing, plucking, shaving, and depilatory creams. They do not cost a lot of money, but each of these options requires regular upkeep as the hair regrows quite quickly. 

Prescribed Medication for the Symptoms of Hirsutism 

There is a range of medications that can help to restore the normal balance of hormones in a person. As excess androgens are a major factor and cause of Hirsutism, the prescription of DIM for Hirsutism and other anti-androgens will often help to treat the signs and symptoms of the condition. 

Whichever way to decide to treat the condition, supplementing White Peony and Licorice for Hirsutism is just one of the complementary remedies you can add into your daily regime in order to help combat the impact of the condition on your life.

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