Does Maca Help with Hirsutism Symptoms?

maca supplements hirsutism

Hirsutism is becoming an increasingly difficult issue to deal with, and regardless of how severe a case of the condition you have, having excessive hair growth on any part of your body can be particularly hard to deal with, on both an emotional and a physical level. 

What Are the Different Treatments for Hirsutism?

Thankfully, there are now lots of treatment options for Hirsutism, many of which have been tried and tested over time and are proven to be effective at reducing and removing unwanted hair from all parts of the body.  In this article, we are focussing on one of the natural treatments for Hirsutism, specifically how taking Maca can help with some of the more common Hirsutism symptoms.

On a broader spectrum, some of the treatments for Hirsutism include:

  • Self-Care options, such as waxing, shaving, depilatory creams are effective as short-term options; they are also relatively inexpensive. 
  • Physical options, such as Laser, IPL, and electrolysis are considered to be highly-effective as treatment options for Hirsutism that deliver long-lasting results. Because these treatments need to be carried out by qualified medical professionals over the course of sessions, they tend to cost more and are often accompanied by a little discomfort and some unwanted side-effects.
  • Medical options will usually include taking hormone blockers or suppressants in order to treat the root cause of the problem. They are not suitable for all cases of Hirsutism, and they need to be prescribed by a physician. 

Maca and Hirsutism 

When looking for natural ways to treat the symptom of Hirsutism, a number of promising substances are frequently cited as effective. Maca and the Maca root is one of the most favored natural remedies for the symptoms and signs of Hirsutism. 

What is Maca?

As a superfood that is being spoken about more and more, Maca Root is available in an easy to use powder form and has a solid place in history that is well-researched and fully documented. Maca has many significant advantages when it comes to the hormones. With one of the primary causes of Hirsutism being related to hormonal issues, it’s no wonder this is so highly-regarded as a suitable remedy for those suffering from excessive hair growth. 

Why is Maca Effective in Hirsutism Treatment?

The Maca Root is one of many well-known adaptogens and acts to support the entire endocrine system, by helping to regulate the production and proper balance of hormones in a person’s body. Maca and Hirsutism go so well together because this powerful root can help your body adapt to situations that could otherwise lead to a complete imbalance or depletion of a person’s hormones. Maca Powder has long been regarded as an effective treatment for problems that can arise with hormones and for this reason alone, it should always be considered by anyone looking to resolve the side effects or symptoms of Hirsutism.

What is the best type of Maca to take for Hirsutism?

If you are looking to take Maca for Hirsutism, then you will benefit from reading this section before you browse online to buy Maca Root Powder for yourself. There are lots of different types of Maca Root Powder, and as this superfood increases in popularity, and even more companies create their own varieties and brands of the substance, you need to keep in mind what properties of the Maca Root to watch out for, and to make sure you are buying a version of the product that can help you with your Hirsutism symptoms.

Glucosinolate is a key ingredient that you need to ensure is included in any Maca Root product you are purchasing to treat the symptoms of Hirsutism. This is the specific component of the Maca Root powder that has a positive impact on a person’s hormones, and it is this element that has immense hormone controlling capabilities. 

If you are buying Maca for Hirsutism, then you need to ensure that any product you purchase contains a minimum of 1% Glucosinolate. 

There are three core types of Maca Root Powder; these are black, yellow, and red. 

The most typical and readily available Maca Root Powder is yellow. More often than not, this is the lowest priced, and it has a relatively similar content of amino acids, fatty acids, and mineral contents as the others. However, the black and red types of Maca Root Powder do tend to stand out somewhat, and they have been researched and proven to have a greater impact and influence over certain conditions such as Low Energy Levels, Acne, and Infertility.

For instance, taking Maca Root powder is its raw form is actually far better than buying cooked or gelatinized forms of the substance. The reason behind this is that the nutrients and enzymes are at their peak levels when they are in their raw state. The only instance where it might not be advisable to take raw Maca Root for Hirsutism is when there is a special issue with a person’s digestive system. In this scenario, you can still treat the symptoms of Hirsutism with Maca, but it would be better to cook this first. 

There are forms of maca root powders that combine all three kinds of the maca root, and this provides you with the added comfort of knowing you are getting the best of all types blended together. 

How Much Maca for Hirsutism is Needed?

There are plenty of ways to enjoy maca root powder, some people add it to their soups and stews, while others add it into a daily smoothie. Usually, a spoonful a day is adequate. However, it is possible to increase these to up to two medium-sized spoons per day if it works well. 

As with any natural remedies, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. There are many different types of supplements that can help treat Hirsutism, and there is plenty of evidence to back up the impact of such remedies over both the short and long-term. 

Finding the right treatment for your Hirsutism is an individual journey, and we hope this post has given you some useful information to consider as you decide which treatment for Hirsutism is right for you.

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Deborah C - August 1, 2019

I bought a multi-supplement called “Steel-Libido” for women and began to notice a distinct lessening of my facial hair growth, so I carefully researched each of the ingredients listed and learned that Maca, among many other benefits, helps regulate hormones. So now I’m adding a red Maca raw powder capsule to my regimen in hopes that I’ll get an even better result! I’m finding, too, that the Maca seems to lower my hunger cravings so hopefully it will help me lose a few pounds as well.


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