Are PCOS Voice Changes Reversible?

Hormonal changes due to PCOS result in a variety of symptoms. You may not experience all the symptoms of PCOS, but you may experience some. However, the symptoms you experience depend entirely on how severe your condition is. In some cases, women only face irregular ovulation and weight gain. In other scenarios, you may experience multiple symptoms simultaneously.

A symptom of PCOS that can be devastating for women is deepening of the voice. This symptom is not among the most common, but you face the risk if you have PCOS. Thankfully, most of the symptoms are controllable. So, are PCOS voice changes reversible like other symptoms or permanent? The answer to this is not as simple. In addition, you have to understand what may be causing your deep voice before you look into an actual reversal or cure.

What Causes Vocal Changes In PCOS

Women produce male and female hormones naturally. However, the male hormones exist in a moderate quantity. Women who have PCOS have an imbalance of hormones in their bodies. As a result, they have male hormones. This can be due to insufficient production of the female hormones. In some cases, irregularity in the male to female hormone ratio is due to excess production of the male hormone.

Regardless of the case, women experience various symptoms due to the excess amounts of androgens in the body. Excessive body hair, male pattern baldness and deepening of the voice are a few symptoms.

It is quite normal for a woman’s voice to deepen when she hits puberty. However, voice changes due to PCOS can be quite severe. Contrary to popular belief, a deep voice is not the only vocal change brought about by PCOS. 

Throat Clearing

This is one of the most common vocal change symptoms caused by PCOS. This symptom is so common that most women don’t even notice it. They simply believe that the throat clearing is just due to allergies or something else other than PCOS. However, you may deal with the symptoms due to PCOS.

Loss of Voice

Some women may even notice loss of voice. Of course, it does not mean that they are completely unable to speak. But their voice becomes so low that it is inaudible at times. This is the second most common symptom of PCOS related vocal issues. You may easily mistake the symptom for seasonal allergies. So, if you have PCOS and experience loss of voice, check with your doctor immediately.

Lump in Throat

Another common vocal symptom of PCOS is a constant lump in the throat. This can also be associated with allergies or other medical conditions. It is common to experience a lump in the throat if you are upset or crying. Nevertheless, if the symptoms persist for a few days, PCOS and hormonal imbalance may be the root cause.

Are PCOS Voice Changes Reversible?

Deepening of the voice is one of the least common PCOS symptoms. So, are PCOS voice changes reversible? Since most of the PCOS related symptoms are due to hormonal imbalance, they are reversible. Bear in mind that there is no actual cure for PCOS. However, you can control the symptoms to a point where they are barely noticeable.

Of course, you will need to overhaul your lifestyle for this. Even though PCOS is not curable, you can manage the condition. Once you manage to control your PCOS naturally, you can live a normal life. In fact, you won’t even notice your condition. But you have to be patient as the lifestyle changes and the reversal of the symptoms takes time.


You need to avoid consuming alcohol if you have PCOS. Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol every now and then should not do any harm. However, if you drink alcohol, you should detox for a few days. However, you may consume wine every now and then, but stick to moderate quantities. Red wine is rich in antioxidants and can be quite helpful if you drink it moderately. Alcohol can affect women’s voices to the point that they become deep. If you already have PCOS, it could cause severe vocal changes.


Smoking is not a good habit as it is, but can be even more harmful if you have PCOS. Therefore, you should cut down on cigarettes altogether. You will find it difficult to quit smoking if you do not replace it with a healthy habit. Therefore, the best way to quit smoking is to start exercising. Many women resort to electronic nicotine delivery systems to quit smoking. Bear in mind that your body is still getting nicotine. The idea is to clean up your body entirely. Smoking can also cause you to develop a loss of voice or deep voice. Therefore, you should avoid cigarettes and any other source of nicotine.

Exercise and Healthy Diet

The vocal changes brought about by PCOS are due to the imbalance of hormones. Exercise and a healthy diet can restore the balance of hormones in your body. Therefore, changing your lifestyle can help you reverse the voice changes. Bear in mind that whether or not the changes would reverse also depends on the severity of your condition. In some cases, you may be able to manage other PCOS symptoms, but not the vocal changes. Therefore, it is best to see a doctor the moment you notice your voice changing.

Once you switch to a healthy lifestyle, you can restore your hormonal balance. Your body will begin adapting to the healthy lifestyle and you will notice positive changes. Moreover, you can also control many PCOS symptoms once you begin exercising and adapt a healthy diet. If you have been living healthy for a while and are still wondering, what else you can do to better manage your PCOS symptoms, you should go ahead and see a doctor to decide what the best course of action is for you.

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